flower ninja

flower ninja

the father of my children really likes this drawing i did. i first drew it when i was a teenager and was sketching the dead flowers on our kitchen table. i think it’s cool too, but i think it’s kinda immature. although it would be cool to do a whole comic with the flower ninja. maybe she could team up with the zombie angel (who i really like.) http://apocalypticmama.com/2014/01/31/please-stay-tuned/

i have a lot of stuff i really like & often wonder if i will live long enough to do all of the comics i want to do.

my thought of the day is that i am strange.
i’ve always known i was strange, but i’ve always been afraid to show it–not for the reasons you would think though. i’m not afraid that people will think i’m strange…i’m afraid people will think i’m TRYING to be strange. which isn’t the case. i just am.

so from now on, i’m just going to be the strange person i happen to be–because that’s who i am–& stop worrying that people will think i am making myself up.

please, enjoy flower ninja…for those of you waiting for more of moses jones, i am hoping to have her back by the weekend–with new characters & some actual dialogue! yay!


zombie angel

please stay tuned....

some of y’all know that i am a half-time student & an over-time mom. i would love to be writing my comic right now, this very minute…but i have (at least) three things ahead of it on the priorities list: a nap (i wish), fold & put away laundry (ppbbbt), and homework homework homework. that is in addition to whatever my kids are planning on throwing at me this evening (figuratively & literally)…. so i am putting up a drawing i did a few years back that i really like. i call it zombie angel.
there will be more moses jones as soon as humanly possible.