dr. buttons & mr. wright

moonfish 005here is the first (almost) finished part of my final project in my watercolor class.  a story panel from my newest comic in progress “trials of the moonfish.”  here is where gertrude buttons meets harvester wright at a cocktail party.  we don’t know yet why mr. wright is approaching dr. buttons, but i suspect he has a proposal of sorts….

moonfish 004i, of course, find this very amusing.  my six year old keeps asking me what the buttons are for.  i keep telling him that when he figures it out, he should let me know.  i am not happy with the final panel’s portrayal of harvester wright, but at this point, i am not going to re-do it.  i need to do several more paintings before this project is finished and only a few weeks remain of school.

moonfish 007 moonfish 008 moonfish 009 moonfish 010over all, i am pretty happy with this piece.  (this last panel is how i hope to become more consistent with the looks of harvester wright.)


simon starbuckle III

here is the last of the core cast of characters.  a very ambiguous character.  i am not sure of his story–& i don’t think i am supposed to be sure.  i like this about his character.

now i will work on some story lines and background pictures.

ps. i am officially an art major now.

A Most Manly-Man Chin

i kinda went over the top with this version of harvester wright, but i like it.  i had a “Remington Steele” kinda vibe going with him from the moment he was conceived to be the male energy that would offset the female tsunami of professor buttons & her girl, bluejean.  think bruce willis in “Moonlighting”…both or either Simons in “Simon & Simon”…or all of “The A-Team.”  Yes, as a dysfunctional child of the ’80s, I am highly influenced by crime solving men of TV…that oh-so-masculine, aren’t-i-charming assholery of ’80s prime time men.  just look at both of my failed marriages for further proof….

nonetheless, here he is, harvester wright.

he’s not the hero of this story…but he thinks he is.

harvester wright…not quite….

in previous pictures, harvester wright has had a prominent chin.  in this one i did the other day, his chin is relatively small.  he appears more effeminate and not so pompous.  but how do i want him to appear?  smug and confident or thoughtful and a bit sad?  apparently it all has to do with chin size….or my mood when i am painting.  ha!  i am going to try another draft today.  also!  i am going to do a new page or two of moses jones over the weekend.  and on monday, i change my major to art.  i have tentatively registered for a full spring schedule.  my half-time snail’s pace of schooling is driving me slowly insane.  but i need to apply for scholarships because my schooling is also driving me deeper & deeper into debt.

moonfish 034   big chin pictures… art by fin, soy, & me 006

gertrude buttons

i did this just now in my class.  it felt right.  i want her to be severe but not scary.  sexy in her own rights–though not necessarily a beauty.  i still haven’t figured out the plot of my comic…but i have my characters.  and if i did them right, they should help me write the plot.

i have been seriously considering switching from a creative writing major to an art major.  i feel there is so much more for me to learn about art–so much more i want to learn.  i love the idea of spending my days kicking around inside the art building.  also, i feel that art really helps my words come to life & my ideas come to life.  i love writing.  every aspect of it.  but i think i translate better to art.  this may sound shallow, but art offers me the immediate feedback and validation that i crave so badly as a passionately damaged individual.  i feel more at home in art.

though i find i still see myself as a fraud when i look at myself through other artist’s eyes–the same as when i am among other writers.  could be i may never feel genuine until i let myself feel so.

work in progress

moonfish 031 moonfish 032 moonfish 033okay.  here are some preliminary drawings for my final watercolor class project as well as a comic i want to start working on along side moses jones. definitely going to have big steampunk influences, but i am ironing out plot & accumulating backstory.  are they treasure hunters?  maybe…but is that overdone?  they don’t solve mysteries.  they don’t investigate crimes.  i guess it will unfold.

i’m pretty sure there is a giant squid somehow involved.

so much on my mind

i have written scripts for what happens next with mojo.  i will actually get some ink out soon and make more pages.

i dropped off my ‘zine at a local bookstore cooperative.  i have given several copies away, but have sold two copies and gotten $15 in donations.  (yay!)  of course they were close friends and/or related to me, but….  and i’m going to go to a ‘zine fest on saturday and maybe see if anyone will swap ‘zines with me.

and i have been “researching” by reading lots and lots of super cool graphic novels.  Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise & Echo, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (recommended by a very cute librarian), Derf’s Punkrock and Trailer Parks My Friend Dahmer….  When I am not getting comic tips from cute librarians, I am finding comics by reading the annual The Best American Comics series.  There are so many cool writers and artists out there.  My new goal is to be an honorable mention in the back of 2015 or 2016’s The Best American Comics.

meanwhile, in my watercolor class, my final assignment and a “narrative” assignment are being brainstormed.  of course i am graphic novelling these assignments.  but i think i am going to play around with other series ideas.  maybe a children’s graphic novel?  maybe i will finally do “scobie-dobie-doo”?  or this masked button lady i painted in class–she kinda begs for a comic of her own.  we will see.  i’m pretty excited about it.  mojo started as my drawing II final project.  and look how far she has come!

bonus comic

So I am still working on my ‘zine.  Well, not really working….  But thinking!  Lots and lots of thinking.  As I chase my minions around, go to classes, cook, clean, run errands…and think.

Here’s what I think.

I think I should put one of Thing One’s comics in the same ‘zine with Moses Jones.  It is one of his first books.  Whale vs. Squid.  It’s a good one.  One of my favorites.  Simple plot, good art, lots of expression.  So now I have to find a minute to put it together.  I splotched up the cover here using Mod Podge, but I’m just going to go with it.

Meanwhile, I’m in my watercolor class this semester with all these students who are fantastic already at watercolors, & I’m feeling like a failure three weeks into class.

And I know what happens next in Moses Jones...I just have to locate my notes on it & find a minute to draw it.

page 21

here is a new page.  this page has been sitting on my desk, half finished, for weeks.  i drew the top three & bottom three panels, but i could not decide what was happening in the middle panel.  then yesterday i was in the mood to draw and started drawing & kept on drawing, only to realize i had not left enough room for text.  hence the weirdness in the middle panel.  but i think it worked out okay.

summer is over.  i have only created–what–two new pages all summer?  and i have yet to actually print up my ‘zine.  yikes.  maybe i will be more productive now that i have more on my plate.  sometimes i work better the more i have to do.

i am taking a water color class this fall in hopes that it will improve my ink brush technique.  i am excited about it.  i also want to do figure drawing.  maybe that will be next.  then i will be invincible!