more confusion perfume

more confusion perfume

so i have started some sketches of side characters that squat in the same house as moses jones, but i may not have them done until late tonight when i can work relatively uninterrupted….

meanwhile, here’s another old old one of mine. it’s timely too because just last night i locked myself in the bathroom & cut off a bunch of my hair. i think i am a short-haired chick. i try to grow it long, but that just doesn’t make sense to me. plus my hair is super dense & course & like a thicket. so i trimmed & thinned & filled the shower with so so so much hair–yet i am somehow not even close to being bald. it is therapeutic. i started growing it out again because the dad of my kids likes me with long hair. but you know what? fuck him. i’m a short-haired chick.

ps. i miss my dog. that’s him in the comic. or, the comic version of him. in the comic his name is stinky. he was a good dog even if he was condescending & questioned everything i did. he was 14 when he died, and we had been together since he was 7 weeks old. i almost named him “johnny melloncamp” but didn’t…. i should have though–that would have really pissed him off.
rest in peace, norman. i miss you.

van gogh’s tank girl

life gets in the way

i’m still letting homework & kids keep me from getting my comic done. i have the next page written, but not yet drawn. however, just now, while nursing my baby back to sleep (one of the times i do my best thinking about zombies, etc) i figured out the layout for the next page. maybe tomorrow page 3 will be done.
meanwhile, here is a pastel i did a year ago in my drawing II class. this is tank girl done in the style of van gogh. tank girl & van gogh are both inspirations for me. back in my early twenties i shaved most of my head & would be compared to tank girl (as well as sinead o’connor). i love tank girl. i am an anarchist at heart. i also love van gogh–though admittedly i did not pay that much attention to him until a dr. who episode with a van gogh plotline. van gogh has a sad story. he only sold one painting while he was alive. he committed suicide, but it took a day or so to die after he shot himself. i only know a bit about him and do not think he was so much talented as he was inspired & passionate. my favorite is his sunflowers & his starry night. he did a LOT of self-portraits. this one was a take-off of self-portrait with a with a bandaged ear & pipe. by the way, he did not cut off his ear to send to a lady–his ear was cut off in a drunken brawl with gauguin (fellow painter) & then sent to a lady. i think that is a much better story.