almost there….

is that a star wars quote? “almost there?” is that what the bearded pilot is saying before he gets blowed up in episode IV? sometimes i wonder if it has gotten to the point where everything i say or think is a movie quote. i was writing a poem for my other blog and it kept sounding familiar to me. then i realized my poem was heavily influenced by horton hears a who.


anyhoo. i got some work done last night as dusty was off sorting things out with his hello kitty ex-girlfriend. i was able to work until poppy woke up and demanded that i come to bed. how is the nighttime weaning going, you ask? yeah. about that. the kid is a tyrant. it is still on my to-do list. things have been topsy-turvy round bouts here. nighttime weaning has fallen between the cracks. one day….

i inked in the rough draft of page 35 and started doing brush work. that is the next step after inking with a pen. i go in and do the ink brush in layers. i got the blacks done. now i will work on the lighter shades. maybe today?

moses jones…page 19

moses 19

this is the last page of episode one. being a star wars geek, yes, i will call them episodes. episode one is complete. first draft of it, anyway.

which brings me to question: what will the future bring for moses jones?

i am in the beginnings stage of episode two. the end of episode one caught me off-guard. the beginning stage consists of my thinking about it as i try to fall asleep, as i nurse the baby, as i take a shower.
inspiration will come.
until then….
until then.

i am thinking of doing an intermission comic. something fun as a break–as a change of pace–as a exercise to keep my graphic novelling limber and ready.