new-used toys for the stay-at-home artist

here’s a snap of my work space & my two newest (used!) toys. the scanner came from amazon–the paper cutter thingy came from st. vinny’s (a catholic thrift shop i frequent.) i like to pretend that the blade is my katana and that i am fighting zombies when i trim my water color sheets. see, i need water color paper to handle the water from painting with ink; however, water color paper comes in 9X12 and scanners take sheets at eight and a half by eleven. before finding my new “katana” at st. vinny’s, i had been inking in a border to keep my pages the right size because it took too much time to measure & cut with scissors…and i think i have established that i don’t like extra steps in my process. but now i can just slap a sheet of water color paper onto the paper cutter which measures & cuts all in one.

i love little miracles.

speaking of little miracles. the man in my life whom dusty knickers is based on is back “on” in our on again off again relationship. but do not fret, dear reader, i am not going to let this effect my productivity–this time. i am determined to find a somewhat healthy balance in my life. moses jones is an important part of that balancing act.

now, just for fun & because she is so adorable, here is a snap of my inspiration for the character of misha.

scanner 009

happy st. patrick’s day.


a bit of backstory–page six

a bit of backstory--page six

last night while i was “listening” to the podcasts for my online geography class, i drew page six from a rough draft i had drawn over the summer and some other notes i’d written down on dusty & moses’s relationship. i like the way it turned out. i can’t tell you what the podcast was about–something about russia & borders & a word that just kept reminding me of one of my favorite words–dystopia–which then reminded me of moses jones. it’s hard for me to just sit still & listen to my homework…i grew up doing homework in front of the tv. i always do my comics while watching “the daily show” or “the colbert report.” i get fidgity if i’m not doing at least two things at once. (right now i’m balancing a restless toddler on my lap and trying to type this.)