moses jones–page 12

moses jones--page 12

i feel like i’m starting to get somewhere.

i also suspect that lucy does not like jacob. i’m not sure if it’s because of the reference to a messed up supplies run–or if this is an on-going thing. i suspect that she just does not like him. i was looking at the cast picture, wondering when other house members would appear, and i realized that i have lived in several roommate situations where there is that certain housemate that i barely ever see or interact with. ha! so that might happen in my comic as well. also, on the lucy/jacob thing–i have met several people in my life that i just don’t like. there doesn’t have to be a concrete reason. and i have lived with people whom i like, but whom one of my other housemates just hates. people are weird–especially if you put them in close proximity. hopefully, i will be able to show that in my comic!

we are very close to a flashback that will hopefully explain a couple of setting/plot points. there might even be some action.

cannibals & zombies! oh my!


moses jones–page ten

moses jones--page ten

it took me so so so long to get this page done! not only am i falling asleep when i put the babies down at night, but when i do manage to stay awake, i only get a little bit done before my toddler wakes up and needs to be cuddled. she’s been sick. all of us have been sick. probably not a zombie outbreak illness, but it did knock us down.

i’m trying to establish some stuff. trying to get some dialogue, back story, character development. some days i think it will happen if i keep the story alive. other days i find myself wondering how other people write graphic novels. i like to read other graphic novels to get an idea…& to gauge how good or not good i am…what my chances are…what else people are doing with their ideas & talents…. right now i am reading DAYTRIPPER by fabio moon and gabriel ba. reading graphic novels is my guilty pleasure. it’s research too–but mostly i do it because i could do it all day long if i actually had the time. same with creating comics. i could do it all day long. comics are my retirement plan, if you will.

moses jones–page three

moses jones--page three

okay. page three. i’m going to try to show the story rather than tell the story. i mean, i know what is going on and could just narrate the fuck out of this…but i would rather bring this story to life. it’s going to be a challenge. i have an idea in my head–can i translate it to the page? i’ve always had trouble with that transition…from my head to the page. i hope i can do it. i really enjoy spending my spare moments thinking about the whys & hows of zombies…in the scope of a comic, that is.
so here is page three. hopefully leading up to some more characters and some more plot development. it may not come fast. i like posting something every day, but my every day can be quite challenging. i tried to do some ink painting while my toddler was awake today, & i had to keep moving my page as i painted on it because she was relentless in her pursuit of my paint brush. then the baby i was wearing on my chest woke up and things really got rough. so i leave my thinking to the daytime & my actual inking to the nighttime…which is also when i need to do my geography & writer’s workshop homework….
big sigh….
postings may be a bit sporadic as i try to get this party started….
stay tuned.