the much anticipated–mostly by me–page 30!!

i didn’t die…or fall asleep…trying to get this page done. i even worked a bit on the next page as well. so, tell your friends, moses jones is alive and well.

the personalities of the squatters are starting to flush out. funny thing about my writing. it kind of takes on a life of its own. i don’t exactly know what will happen or who my characters are. divine inspiration? if you insist. but my stories unfold–seemingly–of their own determination. i’m sure my subconscious has some input. my memories. my neurosis. but my choices seem to me to be influenced by the characters and the stories themselves.

like susan. i didn’t realize that i didn’t like her until i tried to draw this page. i not only struggled with drawing her, but i also found myself wanting to smack her character. i’m pretty sure moses doesn’t like her either. she reminds me of a couple of women i used to live with who seemed to be cool, but when push came to shove, they would go with the pack mentality and turn on you. see, i used to live in a cooperative house–this experience largely influences my interactions with moses jones’s squatters–as i was very affected by my experiences in this house. some good–a lot bad. there were plenty of people who were nice to my face but actually plotted behind my back. so far, the squatters here are a lot more benign than the people they are based on.

and jake. who knew he could be such an asshole? i didn’t actually see that coming. i knew he was a smartass…but in these next pages he shows he can be a real asshole as well. jake, i realized, is reminding me a lot of a guy i knew a long time ago. i have also known people like him since. yes, he can be an asshole, but when push comes to shove, he will get your back in a fight…or help you move your stuff…whichever. jake’s a good guy. these pages paint him in kind of a bad way, but he is a good guy. malcolm, i’m not so sure about. he seems to have a real chip on his shoulder about moses. i don’t know what that is about. that’s what’s so fun about writing my stories–the suspense of discovering my characters and how they will turn the plot….

cheetah is still a bit of a blank page. he might be the yin to jake’s yang–or would it be yang to his yin? i guess we will see about that as well.

and the more i get to know lucy, the more i like her. she’s tough. she’s a good egg. she doesn’t take shit, & she stands up for what she believes in.

page 31 is following close behind. & page 32 is already written–but not yet drawn. exciting stuff!


simon starbuckle III

here is the last of the core cast of characters.  a very ambiguous character.  i am not sure of his story–& i don’t think i am supposed to be sure.  i like this about his character.

now i will work on some story lines and background pictures.

ps. i am officially an art major now.

moses jones–page 11

moses jones--page 11

my whole family has been wiped out by a terrible head/chest cold as winter lingers & spring tries to pop in. happy spring equinox, by the way. it is tricky trying to write & draw a comic while being a sick, exhausted mama nursing sick, grumpy babes and going to school half time. i love my writer’s workshop, but i dread my geography. i need to just do it…oh well. i have already prepped myself for not getting an “a” in geography. i’m a bit of a geek and hate not having a 4.0 gpa…but sometimes i have to surrender control and do the parenting thing & write comics and let the homework slide a bit. the stuff that makes me happy and keeps me sane should come first.

onto the page for today. we are finding out stuff about the world we are in & the people we are in it with through some casual late night conversation. there was whiskey…i’m not sure where the whiskey went. i am going to assume it is behind the dialogue bubbles. the characters so far are moses jones, lucy, susan, and jacob. there are a handful more residents in the house, but these are the only ones we have met so far.

i look forward to a time when i can draw the other characters more consistently and without staring at the cast picture i have hung up by my desk–or by checking back to previous pages. susan looks a bit off in this one. and mojo has a very fluid appearance. i’m blaming the poorly lit kitchen they are sitting in at a dystopia society that uses what? for power & light source. windmills? solar? i guess that one will be figured out eventually….

moses jones–page nine

moses jones--page nine

if you’re waiting for a zombie attack–it’s not that kind of zombie comic. i wrote this before, about my six year old self watching the 1976 king kong (in the theater) and realizing that plot development is crucial to make one really appreciate the action (or, sit through the “boring” parts–it’ll get hopping soon). i’m not sure moses jones will ever get as action packed as king kong and the other monster films of the ’70s that shaped my little freak self, but there will be some action…eventually. after all, mojo does carry katana. but i am also all about the dialogue & character development. yes, there will probably be a lot of flash backs. i love me some flash backs. so, sit tight…or wander off…we’ll be here when you get back.

moses jones–page eight

moses jones--page eight

last night i was working on this. things were going pretty smoothly. two kids were asleep; two were off doing their own thing. then the dad pissed off the five year old who then went and attacked the eight year old who then came screaming like a banshee to me–waking up the toddler who then was UP. i was going to get two pages done last night, but i barely got one done. such is the life of a comic bookist with four kids, i suppose.

as long as i can keep my head out of the oven, all is good.

so hopefully i will get a window to work on page nine tonight…and to write more script for future pages.

moses jones–page seven

moses jones--page seven

i’m not sure why moses jones is smoking a cigar…but she’s drinking whiskey, so i gave her a cigar. then i realized she’s at the table with one of her housemates who is pregnant (lucy)…so now i feel guilty about her smoking. maybe in a world with zombies & cannibals, one doesn’t worry as much about the effects of second hand smoke…. she does, however, not smoke in front of her kids. if for no other reason, because she told them their dad was out looking for cigarettes for the past 13 months.

since i start & finish with ink (& paint with ink in the middle) i have to incorporate any accidents into my drawing. i like the challenge of this. my pages are never perfect, but they are a lot of fun to do. i really hope i get better at this at least by page 100. i guess we will see. i always thought it was fun to go back & see what the initial sketches & first pages looked like with other comics. someday i will be able to do that with my own.

smoking cockatiel

smoking cockatiel

i’ve been doodling…thinking about plot & the worldscape of my comic…but i’m stuck a bit on the what happens next. i have next year’s story written…& five years from now i know what happens, but the here & now is escaping me.

i remember as a kid, going and seeing king kong in the theater–no, not that one, the jeff bridges 1970’s king kong. it was my first pg movie. but, anyhoo, from that movie and similar movies of the ’70s, i deduced that a good movie starts out slow & one must endure the slow parts to make it to the exciting parts–hopefully without falling asleep.

setting the scene, i would call it now.

i’m trying to set the scene & ease us all into moses jones’s world. it’s trickier than i would think. or, rather, it’s not as simple as my six year old deduction of “that’s just how it is.” there is a craft to it. i don’t want to just show all my cards…but i want it to be enticing….

and that’s what i’m working on.

meanwhile, here is another in the “old people with animal parts” series. my cockatiel lady.

moses jones will be back after this short break….

crazed fairy

crazed fairy

perhaps this is a predecessor to twinkle with an “i” from my weener coop comic. i knew this chick whom i do not like, and she always reminded me of some sort of brain-damaged fairy…. i think she inspired some of my art. is that weird? to have someone you do not care for inspire you in art or writing? probably, right? or maybe i’m obsessed. or possessed. but i was looking through old art for something to post and decided that i kinda do like this picture.

i wanted to have some preliminary character sketches of the people who live in the mansion with moses jones–coopers? squatters?–to post. i thought i could do these sketches while i listened to my online geography podcast homework…but instead i am nursing a baby who should be asleep but who likes to wake up & keep me company when i have too much to do.

i’m also still thinking of more weener coop pages. i have to search out all of my notes that i’ve left in random notebooks and on random scraps of paper….