captain tentacles

captain tentacle

seems i’ve developed a facial tic…it isn’t the first time. i have a tendency to ignore stress until it starts manifesting in physical ways. facial tics are one of my go-to stress alerts. except i googled it & found that women my age are the most common sufferers of something called hemifacial spasm which starts as an eye twitch and keeps on keeping on until one entire side of the face is spasming. as if i don’t have enough self-esteem issues. now i’m worried i’m going to end up looking like the joker unless i start getting more sleep, finding more ways to de-stress, and quitting coffee. coffee is a cinch. sleep & less stress…not so much.

i started this post yesterday. only got so far as this. then i went to bed at 6pm. yet i am still tired. i feel a bit better today. but i also feel like a boiling pot of ants. i wish i could just pick up & change my whole life…but with four kids & a disgruntled ex…that’s easier said than done.

anyhoo. here is the 6th in my series of “old people with animal parts.” he is my second favorite. i really do like the idea of creating an old people with animal parts comic. because i just kind of let the picture tell me what the animal part would be. it seems like there could be a lot more to the experience…so here’s hoping i don’t stroke out before i get a chance to write that comic!