soon to be available on recycled paper

I decided that a back cover would be a good idea. 

I have dug a bag out of the closet–one of those bags designed for carrying official looking paperwork–a satchel?  I have re purposed a folder–aka, dumped it out–to put my pages into.  I have designed and finished a back cover.  I have lain the pages out to make sure there will not be any blank pages. 

Now all I have to do is walk to a print shop & turn this website into a zine.



moses jones–page 16

moses jones--page 16

zombies & cannibals, oh my.

my therapist says it is impressive that i can put out about 3 pages a week while being a full-time mom & a half-time student. i’m not sure how good my pages are, however. i like them, but then when i look at other graphic novels, i wonder how they compare.
i should find out how most comics are illustrated. i know there is a penciling & then inking process, but there has to be more to it to make it look so uniform? research…i kinda suck at research…. my process, as i have talked about before, is ink then some more ink with some ink on top of that. lots & lots of ink. ink pens. ink on brushes. cups of water with ink residue which i try not to mix up my tea & coffee with.

okay, it’s late & i’m babbling on about ink.

even though i do not know how my process measures up–i truly enjoy my process, my stories, and my art. i hope you do too.


dear lady

dear lady

i have the layout painted & the text written…but i have not finished page eight yet. it’s been a rough few days with a cranky baby who does not want to let me sleep. so i’m pooped. i have text for at least 2 more pages, but i also have a bunch of geography homework. maybe i can do some drawing while listening to podcasts….

so here is my deer lady. she is interesting because the photograph i was using as a model was of this very flamboyant man, mustache & everything…& then i realized it was actually a lady. i left off her mustache when i drew her portrait. and added a deer hoof, of course.

what will i do when i run out of ready art and do not have new art? y’all want to see random doodles or mine? or i could start posting my kids’ artwork. there is NO shortage of art there….

i know i would prefer to be posting a new page every day, but alas–i am but human.

roll call–the minions

roll call--the minions

kids are hard to draw. they are also hard to write. i anticipate this to be the most difficult part of this comic. i have always hesitated to include my kids in any of my fiction–because i don’t want to fall flat. i want their characters to be alive & kicking. plus there are just so damn many of them–but if i leave one or more of them out, i will never hear the end of it.
i guess we’ll find out how good of an artist/writer i am….
ps. i threw in the dog because one.) i love dogs, especially cattle dogs & think they would be the best dog for fighting zombies and two.) i receive a lot of comments when i go out in public with my four kids. recently i was told, “all you need now is a dog.”

the dangers of bedsharing

the dangers of bedsharing

no zombies today….
i wrote this one a couple of years ago in response to all of the bedsharing debates & bedsharing taboo. i have been sharing a bed with my babies since the second night after my first one was born. it just felt right. i am pretty sure i am part grizzly bear & i kept thinking about how grizzly bears don’t sleep with their child in a separate nest, much less a separate room. so i bought a king-sized futon & put it on the floor & have had a bed full ever since. last night was a typical example of the sacrifices of bedsharing as my newborn was fussy & would not stay asleep–thereby not letting me sleep, and my two year old would wake up when i became exasperated, and she wanted to cuddle & to sleep on my arm as i’m trying to nurse the baby back to sleep. i get twisted into a knot and start to have a panic attack about how this is what hell will be like–wanting to sleep & not being allowed to fall asleep. (any thought of eternity–eternal damnation or otherwise–sends me into panic attacks!)

….huh, i was wrong, there are zombies in today’s post…or at least one zombie anyhoo.
and i will bite.

my kids make me sick

my kids make me sick

i did this one some time ago. the child in it is now five, and i am more convinced than ever that if there is ever a zombie outbreak, he will somehow be involved. assuming i am thorough about vaccinating my brood, there is no vaccination for that. (his first aspiration for what he wanted to be when he grew up was “an evil scientist”)