INKtober day eight–crow doodle

i’m having a crappy day.
dreams of things that are past but not gone set my heart in a tumble for the entire day.
i doodled this on a letter to a friend.
a message in a bottle.
i was going to try to do a more “complete” picture, but i kind of liked that this one was old school on a lined notebook in a regular ink pen (actually a parker ink pen–my past preferred pen.) also it was a bit inspired by my good friend who invited me to do this challenge. she did a crow in a tree yesterday for her inktober drawing, and that stayed with me into my drawing today.

i was crying & hanging up clothes this morning (usually i only cry while doing dishes) and a murder of crows flew over. i took it as a sign of comfort from the universe.
however, my day did not improve.
my heart stays broken & disillusioned.
and i never did draw another picture.

i am still blown away by yesterday’s drawing. i thought for sure it was going to suck when i started it. i keep impressing myself with what i’m doing.
so i guess it’s okay that i’m doing a simple day today.


weener coop revisited

weener coop revisited

here is the next page of the comic weener coop that i posted pages of back in january?

i tried it with panels & with ink wash paint. i’m not sure. i think i like it better this way. although i did enjoy it when it had no clear panels….

weener coop is based on my own experiences living in a cooperative house. one person i loathe quite thoroughly is represented. others might be collaborations of personalities. the character most possessed by me…would be the zombie, “gert.”  gert’s first comment is in response to something twinkle said on the previous page:


i’m not sure about the ink paint. let me know if you have an opinion on it.

weener coop–house meeting

weener coop--house meeting

i really like these & find them really funny because i lived through them in an actual cooperative house. cooperative living is funny in a really frustrating way for me. i started this storyline, but, unfortunately only have 3 pages of it written. after posting it here & reading it again & getting re-acquainted with some of my characters–i would like to get back into writing this comic. i hope i can find the time & energy to do so. the artwork is a bit less demanding than moses jones & the storyline is a bit more developed, so i might be able to pump it out a bit quicker.

weener coop

weener coop

so i started this comic to work out some of my angst whilst living in a cooperative house…turns out a person like me should not live amongst (i am going to keep using st words if i can) a bunch of people with vastly different morals than my own…. so i started writing this comic, and i really like it & would love to move forth with it, but like everything else in my life, i am being conspired against by four little people whose motives i have not yet figured out.

anyhoo, here i will post the first several pages & should there be an outcry of folks just needing more–i would require a bit of grant money to hire a personal assistant so that i have a free hand to create something other than children–but i would love to one day finish this series.

here it is…weener coop….

zombies vs. cannibals

zombies vs. cannibals

zombies are a popular topic. for movies, comics, & halloween costumes. in my mind, zombies are the perfect halloween costume. put rollers in your hair: zombie housewife. put on a flannel: zombie lumberjack. put on a lab coat: zombie doctor. zombies are cool–unless they are real. then they really really suck…. i am actually phobic of zombies. if the front door is left unlocked, i don’t worry about robbers or rapists; i worry about zombies. i plan for zombie attacks & always take note of my exit options. which is worse–too many doors (for zombies to get in) or too few doors (to escape the zombies)? this is an ongoing internal debate for me. i used to have a house in the country & my biggest fear was a zombie attack because for some reason the idea of a rural zombie attack seems much more scary to me than an urban one. even though it has been pointed out to me that in the city there will be more a more condensed zombie invasion upping my chances of getting infected or eaten. however, phobias are not steeped in logic & it remains much scarier to me to be in the country fighting zombies than in the city doing the same….
and now that i have kids–i know i’m pretty much dead. the more kids i have–the smaller my kids are, the more i know i could not possibly escape. i sometimes imagine how cute my kids would be as zombies right before they rip my throat out…i am a dark dark person….

cannibals are cool but are less celebrated in cinema & literature.  one of my goals is to learn more about cannibals & incorporate them more into my comics. did you know that sand tiger shark embryos eat each other in utero? that right there is a gold mine of possible comics!

so this is another from my moses jones work in progress. mama & zombie slayer. because if you are going to have kids, you better know how to fight zombies. (this makes sense in my head.)