moses jones–page 14 (flashback!)

moses jones--page 14 (flashback!)

cannibals are assholes in the world of moses jones. they are entitlement to the nth degree. i’m not anti-cannibalism, per se. there could be a time and a place and a natural reason for it, but in moses jones’s dystopian world of tomorrow, cannibals are jerks.

i had fun drawing & painting this page. but i gave moses jones a tattoo in the flashback…& she doesn’t have one in the present pages. so i either have to go back & add the tattoo, or explain why it has disappeared…or just ignore it for now & either go forward with it or drop it again. lots of choices. but i like some consistency–which is frankly why i don’t give my characters a lot of piercings or tattoos. i have forgotten to put susan’s ear piercings in a page or two. but piercings are removable. tattoos are not. if i commit to a tattoo, i have to stick with it (just like in real life!)
i like moses jone’s tattoo. i think i will keep it. i will probably go back & add it to the older pages. it’s a pain–but so are real tattoos (haha.)

sigh…i need a new tattoo….


quick scribble

quick scribble

i have fallen asleep by 7 pm the past two nights…huh…. i guess i’m pretty tired. so i haven’t gotten the work done on moses jones that i was hoping to.

but here’s a quick scribble comic i did of a thought i had today while trying to read my geography homework. i posted the thought on facebook & then thought, “ah ha, i can turn that into a comic. just to give it a bit more personality….” so i did, & here it is.

weird side note. i am stuck thinking, speaking, and typing in a british accent. i believe it is a side effect of switching from coffee to tea…or the sleep deprivation…who knows, but, anyhoo, it is keeping me entertained.