a bit of backstory–page six

a bit of backstory--page six

last night while i was “listening” to the podcasts for my online geography class, i drew page six from a rough draft i had drawn over the summer and some other notes i’d written down on dusty & moses’s relationship. i like the way it turned out. i can’t tell you what the podcast was about–something about russia & borders & a word that just kept reminding me of one of my favorite words–dystopia–which then reminded me of moses jones. it’s hard for me to just sit still & listen to my homework…i grew up doing homework in front of the tv. i always do my comics while watching “the daily show” or “the colbert report.” i get fidgity if i’m not doing at least two things at once. (right now i’m balancing a restless toddler on my lap and trying to type this.)


bunny ears

bunny ears

the good news is i am close to having my geography homework done…not a whole lot has been retained in my brain, but hopefully some of it made it through the maze of zombies and worries and worries about zombies to root in my brain and make me a bit more geographically intelligent….
the bad news is that i have not yet written or drawn page six of moses jones. so here is another in the series of old people with animal parts.
i was just reading about russia in my geography book, so my brain picked this old person–who looks mildly slavic to me–to post tonight.