INKtober day fourteen–can i phone this one in?

again i forgot to do some wet ink prep.
i was digging in my garden all day. trying to get some planting done while the moon is full. so i sat in the dirt all day. tossing grubs to the chickens (but keeping the red wrigglers & night crawlers safe!) enjoying the cool, sunny fall weather. watching the moon rise.

recently i was at goodwill buying plates and a woman commented as to whether the plates i had would work in a microwave or not. i said, “well, i don’t have a microwave–so they should be okay.” she gave me a funny look that i am used to getting. so i explained, “i like to do things the hard way.” like digging out garden beds by hand. i use a shovel & i break up the clumps by hand. i like it like that. just me & the dirt & the worms. it feels good on my soul…but so hard on my body!

i am buggered out. so tired! i just want to crawl into bed.

i did some colored ink on paper that became two dragons and when i was almost done, i decided i hated it. then i did this one. full moon. black & white.
oh! and a pony. misha wanted a pony.
(iggy took off with the dragon picture. he insisted that it did not look like crap.)

i have more garden work tomorrow.
but hopefully i will have a little bit more umph for my daily inking.

moses jones–page 20

moses jones--page 20I am still not sure why the layout has changed here at wordpress, so if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please do let me know.  In case you are even more clueless than I am–click on the small picture to see it larger.

Malcolm is introduced into the plot at the beginning of Episode Two.  He is Lucy’s partner?  Husband?  Father of her unborn child?  And we are shown where the squatters get some of their food.  Plus, more backstory on Dusty, the capricious man in Moses’s life and father to all of her children.

I am so glad to have gotten another page out!  I feel like summer is zooming past and I have barely gotten anything done.  yikes.

In that vein, I did also go back & touch up previous pages last night in hopes that I can sneak away from my four children at some point soon and go to a copy shop and ‘zine my little heart out with Moses Jones.  Should you have a hankering for a physical copy of Episode One of this graphic novel, let me know and we will figure something out.