page 35

here is page 35–which i completed at the same time as page 34. two birds & all that. i need to start working on the next couple of pages. i am also house hunting…does anyone want to rent to a very entertaining family of six? budding graphic novelist mom, superior chef dad, four brilliant and precocious children? high drama! action-packed! fresh veggies! (i love to garden and am hoping to find a place with a yard & garden to putter in.)

so there’s that. house hunting for an affordable but livable place for a family of six is challenging. to raise the stakes, we have waited until the last minute to do so. i am afraid we are going to end up living with dusty’s mom–sort of crazy; no space but near by…or my parents–extremely crazy; lots of space; in a different state.

can i combine my comic blog with a house hunt blog? ha!


page 34

i’m posting later than usual. in the week…in the day…all that. i just finished pages 34 & 35. i did the two pages together–which i thought would be faster…hmmm.

life is complicated. and…that’s an understatement. in addition to all my other challenges, we need to find a new place to live. like…right now. or by the end of the month. i fear we will be crashing at the homes of relatives. scary.

in other news, i started reading understanding comics by scott mccloud. by understanding comics, i am understanding why mine is so underwhelmingly received. ha! seems people prefer a more simple type of portrait with a more realistic background. something about the brain’s perception and how one relates to comics. as with most other things in life, i am weird &/or doing it all wrong. i have my comic posted at one fan mentioned that due to my comic being “different” it would not attract as big a fan base. i draw what i like to look at. i write what i like to read. i don’t really write or draw to an intended audience.

oh well.

being unpopular & misunderstood is my badge of honor. ha!

but here is page 34! moses jones endures. we’re in the woods. looking for morels & hoping not to find zombies.

page 33

amidst heartache and wall building (to prevent further heartache), i finished page 33 last night.

real life dusty is on the verge of leaving me again. or not. he runs hot & cold. he has this need to rescue some fucking damsel in distress and leaves me twisting in the wind with four kids. kinda like a comic book plot i know of. i keep hoping for a happily ever after with my dusty. he sometimes feels the same way.

and then he runs off with another woman.

to add insult to injury, his latest charity case wears a hello kitty backpack. she’s not six though.

i’m proud of myself for not sinking into a pit of despair and of being able to pull it together enough to work on moses jones. my life is falling apart, but at least i have mojo.

page 29

here they are. setting off into the misty spring morning. katana & picnic basket in hand.

i wrote a short story last i was in a writer’s workshop. it is posted somewhere in this blog. i am now, finally, incorporating it into the comic. the spring forage in heavily zombied woods.

my cohort, the dusty in my life, informed me that in order for a sword to be a true katana, it needs to have a handle that is a specific length. he told me this while looking at this page. while i am happy he is reading my comic and showing an interest in my passion, i am slow to warm to criticism. but he is right. i do want to be as accurate as possible in my fictitious world. so i will have to look that up. soon. it’s too late for this page, but for anyone else who has an eye for detail, “madonna the katana” should be more accurate in future pages. plus! i keep wanting to put an arc into my katana. i have to work on NOT doing that. it looks stupid…and is also inaccurate.

swords are cool.

so! here’s page 29. after a year & a few months, i am almost to 30 pages. i would like to be a bit more productive than that. luckily, my kids can only get older and more independent from here on, presumably giving me more free time. and (too much information) i have taken some measures to keep anymore critters from taking root in my uterus. no offense to babies, but they really put a damper on creative process. maybe moses jones will also find a foolproof birth control to keep her eggs from getting dusty. (that sounds the opposite of how it is intended.)

on to page 30!