weener coop–twinkle with an “i”

there are two people with the same name–just spelled differently, in weener coop–twinkle & twynkle. twynkle is a goth girl…her name is supposed to be ironic. she will later try to change it so that people will take her more seriously, but that is in a yet unwritten page of the comic. so the house debates about diversity as they seek to fill a vacancy. this was a re-occurring theme when i lived in a cooperative house. also, what exactly is diversity? i am white, but a weirdo….


weener coop–house meeting

weener coop--house meeting

i really like these & find them really funny because i lived through them in an actual cooperative house. cooperative living is funny in a really frustrating way for me. i started this storyline, but, unfortunately only have 3 pages of it written. after posting it here & reading it again & getting re-acquainted with some of my characters–i would like to get back into writing this comic. i hope i can find the time & energy to do so. the artwork is a bit less demanding than moses jones & the storyline is a bit more developed, so i might be able to pump it out a bit quicker.