page 29

here they are. setting off into the misty spring morning. katana & picnic basket in hand.

i wrote a short story last i was in a writer’s workshop. it is posted somewhere in this blog. i am now, finally, incorporating it into the comic. the spring forage in heavily zombied woods.

my cohort, the dusty in my life, informed me that in order for a sword to be a true katana, it needs to have a handle that is a specific length. he told me this while looking at this page. while i am happy he is reading my comic and showing an interest in my passion, i am slow to warm to criticism. but he is right. i do want to be as accurate as possible in my fictitious world. so i will have to look that up. soon. it’s too late for this page, but for anyone else who has an eye for detail, “madonna the katana” should be more accurate in future pages. plus! i keep wanting to put an arc into my katana. i have to work on NOT doing that. it looks stupid…and is also inaccurate.

swords are cool.

so! here’s page 29. after a year & a few months, i am almost to 30 pages. i would like to be a bit more productive than that. luckily, my kids can only get older and more independent from here on, presumably giving me more free time. and (too much information) i have taken some measures to keep anymore critters from taking root in my uterus. no offense to babies, but they really put a damper on creative process. maybe moses jones will also find a foolproof birth control to keep her eggs from getting dusty. (that sounds the opposite of how it is intended.)

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