cute kids….

cute kids....

another one from the moses jones work in progress. i really don’t know where i’m going with this comic. i expect it will come to me in a dream…or i will just keep drawing installments until by some freak accident a storyline emerges (all too often this is how i write.) i really like this page & for a long time i could not read it without laughing outloud. sometimes i worry that i am the only person who finds me funny….
zombies! cannibals! motherhood!


zombies vs. cannibals

zombies vs. cannibals

zombies are a popular topic. for movies, comics, & halloween costumes. in my mind, zombies are the perfect halloween costume. put rollers in your hair: zombie housewife. put on a flannel: zombie lumberjack. put on a lab coat: zombie doctor. zombies are cool–unless they are real. then they really really suck…. i am actually phobic of zombies. if the front door is left unlocked, i don’t worry about robbers or rapists; i worry about zombies. i plan for zombie attacks & always take note of my exit options. which is worse–too many doors (for zombies to get in) or too few doors (to escape the zombies)? this is an ongoing internal debate for me. i used to have a house in the country & my biggest fear was a zombie attack because for some reason the idea of a rural zombie attack seems much more scary to me than an urban one. even though it has been pointed out to me that in the city there will be more a more condensed zombie invasion upping my chances of getting infected or eaten. however, phobias are not steeped in logic & it remains much scarier to me to be in the country fighting zombies than in the city doing the same….
and now that i have kids–i know i’m pretty much dead. the more kids i have–the smaller my kids are, the more i know i could not possibly escape. i sometimes imagine how cute my kids would be as zombies right before they rip my throat out…i am a dark dark person….

cannibals are cool but are less celebrated in cinema & literature.  one of my goals is to learn more about cannibals & incorporate them more into my comics. did you know that sand tiger shark embryos eat each other in utero? that right there is a gold mine of possible comics!

so this is another from my moses jones work in progress. mama & zombie slayer. because if you are going to have kids, you better know how to fight zombies. (this makes sense in my head.)