new directions

just two weeks into school and i am ready to try some new things. something i was thinking of doing anyway which was also suggested by one of my professors, going bigger with my originals. back way back when i first started doing comics, i was a purist and used story boards. i penciled. i inked. i used a printer service to reduce and produce my final sheets…. then when i started moses jones, i started doing it the way i wanted to–not the way the bossy male “friend” comic artists told me i had to do it. i worked smaller & used just ink! ink! ink! but now i am ready to compromise. i even bought one of those blue pencils and am entertaining the idea of using pencils again. maybe….

i used a blue pencil here to try to make a slightly cleaner picture....
i used a blue pencil here to try to make a slightly cleaner picture….

so the last page of episode two will be larger & i will photograph it instead of scanning it. with the help of student loans (i am hoping our education system will be socialized soon & all these loans will be forgiven!) i am getting a new & better camera for art. i also have to get a new laptop. this one has at least four nonworking keys, overheats constantly, moves at the speed of snot, and has no battery life. i have to use adobe illustrator for one of my classes & i was afraid to install it into a dying computer…. so my buy nothing new is a bit conflicted right now because in order to get the drop & spill protection (four kids!!) i had to buy new….

so lots of stuff going on here.

the last page should be done soon! then i will make a second zine & start episode three!


more diddling

last night, i started doodling around with the idea of my childhood “hey diddle diddle” comic. i was in the middle of dismissing it as a bad idea. silly. when i started making the characters a bit more freaky looking. it appealed to me. i don’t know if i will continue with this story idea or not…but i definitely like the freakier approach.

i need a scanner. my camera sucks. i looked at one used scanner from craigslist & it was so old it wouldn’t work with a laptop…or would require figuring out cords, etc. and if you haven’t guessed by my low tech artwork, i am not the most tech-savvy person. i could try to sneak out to the printer’s down the street & use their scanner…but i so so so want one of my own. i keep thinking–but i need it to establish myself as an artist! am i rationalizing? (i don’t want an answer here.) i feel like i am rationalizing, but i also feel like a good scanner might help my confidence with my work. sigh.

how about if i sell my car i can buy a scanner? is that an ecological footprint trade-off?

i worry a lot that my ink & brush all hand done artwork can’t compete with all the slick comics out there that use a lot of stuff i don’t even know how to use or where i would find them or what it is called even…sigh.

but i doodle on. hoping to find my tribe of luddite graphic novelists.

more diddly 010 more diddly 011

i tried to see if the ink & brush technique i use with moses jones would work with this idea. and then i just doodled some chick. huh, that sounds wrong. oh well.

more diddly 004

doodle on, y’all.