pencils…we don’t need no stinkin’ pencils

i don’t usually put pages up before they are done, but i was so happy with the start of this page that i thought i would put it up and show any interested parties the process of my art.

i do not use pencils.  my motto:  i like to live with my mistakes.


i hate erasing.  i thrive on chaos & messy commitments.  therefore, i start with ink, i add more ink, and i finish with ink.  ink ink ink.  (this makes me want to go out and get more tattoos….)

so i framed this up while watching the second half of serenity.  (what the fuck!?  why didn’t anyone warn me that my favorite firefly character dies in the movie???)  then i did the first inking last night, drinking jasmine tea & listening to music.  minions willing, i might get the ink brush (second inking) tonight.  then the third inking just takes a bit of time, fixing any weirdness as much as possible & darkening up lines wanting to be darker.

also, still in the back of my head, fodder for falling asleep, is the start of trials of the moonfish and lisa the lion.


the dangers of bedsharing

the dangers of bedsharing

no zombies today….
i wrote this one a couple of years ago in response to all of the bedsharing debates & bedsharing taboo. i have been sharing a bed with my babies since the second night after my first one was born. it just felt right. i am pretty sure i am part grizzly bear & i kept thinking about how grizzly bears don’t sleep with their child in a separate nest, much less a separate room. so i bought a king-sized futon & put it on the floor & have had a bed full ever since. last night was a typical example of the sacrifices of bedsharing as my newborn was fussy & would not stay asleep–thereby not letting me sleep, and my two year old would wake up when i became exasperated, and she wanted to cuddle & to sleep on my arm as i’m trying to nurse the baby back to sleep. i get twisted into a knot and start to have a panic attack about how this is what hell will be like–wanting to sleep & not being allowed to fall asleep. (any thought of eternity–eternal damnation or otherwise–sends me into panic attacks!)

….huh, i was wrong, there are zombies in today’s post…or at least one zombie anyhoo.
and i will bite.