work in progress

moonfish 031 moonfish 032 moonfish 033okay.  here are some preliminary drawings for my final watercolor class project as well as a comic i want to start working on along side moses jones. definitely going to have big steampunk influences, but i am ironing out plot & accumulating backstory.  are they treasure hunters?  maybe…but is that overdone?  they don’t solve mysteries.  they don’t investigate crimes.  i guess it will unfold.

i’m pretty sure there is a giant squid somehow involved.

so much on my mind

i have written scripts for what happens next with mojo.  i will actually get some ink out soon and make more pages.

i dropped off my ‘zine at a local bookstore cooperative.  i have given several copies away, but have sold two copies and gotten $15 in donations.  (yay!)  of course they were close friends and/or related to me, but….  and i’m going to go to a ‘zine fest on saturday and maybe see if anyone will swap ‘zines with me.

and i have been “researching” by reading lots and lots of super cool graphic novels.  Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise & Echo, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (recommended by a very cute librarian), Derf’s Punkrock and Trailer Parks My Friend Dahmer….  When I am not getting comic tips from cute librarians, I am finding comics by reading the annual The Best American Comics series.  There are so many cool writers and artists out there.  My new goal is to be an honorable mention in the back of 2015 or 2016’s The Best American Comics.

meanwhile, in my watercolor class, my final assignment and a “narrative” assignment are being brainstormed.  of course i am graphic novelling these assignments.  but i think i am going to play around with other series ideas.  maybe a children’s graphic novel?  maybe i will finally do “scobie-dobie-doo”?  or this masked button lady i painted in class–she kinda begs for a comic of her own.  we will see.  i’m pretty excited about it.  mojo started as my drawing II final project.  and look how far she has come!

life interrupts art

i often dream of my life as moses jones…composing storylines that wait to be drawn.  and not just that.  i have 3 more comics waiting patiently for my time and energy (Asshole Season, Spoketh the Blackbear, and Scobie Dobie Doo).  if only i didn’t have to sleep!!  sleep is weird anyway.  so much like death.  and so many fucking disturbed dreams.  i would rather be making art & writing comics.

I do get to create–am required to create; therefore, allowing myself to create, for my water color class.  Here is one drawing i did–of moses jones context.  this started as “bad mom vs. good mom” but then i realized it is actually “mom self vs. non-mom self aka artist self”….  i have come to realize that i am perpetually involved in an internal battle between the two…but here’s the kicker–i don’t have to be!  mom self & independent, freedom-loving artist self want to get along.  they want to collaborate. but here i am, as usual, mucking the whole thing up.


both of me want to create.  i just need to create.