moses jones–page two

moses jones--page two

so this one gave me a little trouble. i was not in the zone last night. i finished a draft of it, but i was not at all happy with it. so i had to debate whether to put up a comic just to put one up, or to wait for one i was happy with. i am glad i decided to wait. it would have never stopped bugging me if i had put up the sub-par one. i need to work on my horses…but this is my page two.
(i love don quixote & work him into anything i can!)


moses jones–page one

moses jones--page one

so i literally just finished this page. the story has been percolating in my head these past several days, and it has begun to spill over…usually while i am laying down trying to put a baby to sleep. then i have to repeat my plot to myself over & over to make sure i don’t forget it before the child laying next to me gets into a deep enough sleep that i can get up and make notes about my breakthrough idea.

so here it is…the beginning of a story for moses jones and her entourage….
i hope you like it!