INKtober day sixteen–escape from wonderland

( i accidentally typed “KINKtober”–a totally different autumn experience)

here we are! day sixteen. i am using an ink splatter made from yesterday’s leftover ink. i am nothing if not thrifty with my art supplies. speaking of which. i will soon need a new 8″X 11″ sketch journal…if there are any benefactors in the house. my old one is worn & will be overflowing by the end of this inky month.

i like today’s picture. i did it as a friend visited here at bullfrog song. so i was half distracted and only part of my brain was drawing. just think what a lobotomy would do for my art!  i like it. i did not do my final inking of thickening lines & making it a bit more messy. it did not feel like it needed that. so just three layers of ink on this one!

and speaking of which. i am not going to ramble here as i do have a guest to spend time with.



Author: emje

i'm a disaster at every type of relationship i enter into...except with my kids. i think i'm doing something right there...but it is difficult to tell sometimes, especially since i have a pretty crappy support system since support involves relationships. i am a pretty dark person with a weird sense of humor. i spend my non-mom time cooking, baking, homesteading, fermenting, planting, sprouting, experimenting, reading, writing, drawing, plotting, obsessing, and hiding. as a mom i am about as unconventional as i can get. i unschool my kids & give them a lot of freedom to be who they are. this does not help my popularity. but my kids are super cool. i love my kids.

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