i looked out my window & saw stark raving whimsy

when i noticed the utility pole out my window, i saw this image.  maybe it’s the recovering catholic in me? so i drew it. and painted it. i like it. i was happy with how the roof turned out. i’m not sure about the trees & animals though. too dr. seuss?

so now i have to finish my behemoth whimsy piece. it needs at least a couple of nights of attention.

and i need to paper mache myself. that will be tricky. dusty is betting that poppy will wake up the minute i cover myself with wet, sticky newspaper. he’s probably right. maybe he can take care of the baby while i dry out? maybe?





Author: emje

my shadows are part of who i am without those dark spots you wouldn’t be able to see my bright colors & beautiful light…. without my dark bits i think life would be much more dull.... i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

2 thoughts on “i looked out my window & saw stark raving whimsy”

  1. Oh I love this one!! When I first looked at it I was like ahhh love the flying animals!! So personally I didn’t think it was too Dr Suessy- but then again I am really won over by just random crazy cute things- plus your art is awesome so…

    On another note- is it still possible to get a zine from you? I mean to write you a message, but have been packing like a mad woman for my trip- and now I’m in Barcelona- but my mom is sending me a package of stuff so I could send you her address and have her mail it? Let me know if that’s possible!!

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