so close!

i want to be done by the end of this weekend. i haven’t been able to work on it because i keep falling asleep at night.

damn my human need for sleep!

i am also working on a smaller piece that i just wanted to see what would happen…and i need to start my other large piece.

oh! and paper mache myself.

i need a parallel universe i can work on art in while i chase minions in this one. that would work, right?

hopefully i will have a finished shot, and some close-ups, for y’all by monday.


Author: emje

my shadows are part of who i am without those dark spots you wouldn’t be able to see my bright colors & beautiful light…. without my dark bits i think life would be much more dull.... i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

2 thoughts on “so close!”

  1. I can only imagine how hard it is to get work done with kids! I feel like so much of my time is taken away just by my dogs!

    Although not sure about the human need for sleep. My insomniac brain totally rebels against such needs and I’shmmm halhvinggg noooo probshlemsss whatshoeverrrr.

  2. i think, in a perfect world, i would get 9 hours of sleep for optimal functioning. i was always so envious of those people who only needed like 5 hours of sleep. 5 hours of sleep? i could rule the world!

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