set backs galore! (or how i became a jerry springer show special)

okay–so i’m of irish descent….

(excuses! just the facts,ma’am!)

and though i am aware of most of the rules & laws & such of our society…i don’t understand them. like, if a person comes across the love her life making out with a brain-damaged pothead in broad daylight just a block from her house…shouldn’t one kick to the knee be allowed? granted, as the man cop alluded to, i should have kicked dusty as well…. but i kicked a girl. i lost my heart. and i broke my elbow all in the span of a few blurry rage-filled moments.

and now my pages aren’t done yet.

maybe i can work more tonight. or maybe i will take one or two of the tylenols with codeine that the kind & handsome dr. joe gave me for my elbow.

one thing is for damn sure. i need to stop finding new material to work with. enough already. keep the drama to the pages, mama.


Author: emje

my shadows are part of who i am without those dark spots you wouldn’t be able to see my bright colors & beautiful light…. without my dark bits i think life would be much more dull.... i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

9 thoughts on “set backs galore! (or how i became a jerry springer show special)”

  1. I sincerely hope (while knowing that it must hurt like hell) that at least the elbow was sacrificed in a satisfying and worthy cause with crunchy results, like one in the gut, or on top of the skull. The next time you kick any knees make sure it is a downward motion, the kneecap can only take 15-20 psi of instant load and will be shattered even if you are a lightweight girl without much strength. Go girl. (And why am I teaching the Irish the science of kneecapping? They had it down to a fine art anyway 🙂 hehe).

    1. the elbow was due to very ungracefully crashing my bike when i happened upon them. 😦 i have the irish temper, but my passionate rages leave me a bit spastic. i am actually relieved that i am not focused enough to do real harm (though thanks for the tip!) i wish i had used my boots for walking–a long time ago–before reaching the point where i felt justified kicking someone in the knee with them.

      1. As awful as this sounds – I’m so glad that I’m not the only spastic one out there when the passionate rages overtake!

  2. I would have kicked her too. Personally I like the scarlet letter thing – branding a red A on a mistresses forehead.

    Amazing what we are capable of when we are filled with rage. When I found out my husband had been fucking the slut in our living room 5 metres from the bed where I was sleeping with my youngest two children I punched him in the face. Black eye for weeks. I don’t even remember doing it….

    If I hadn’t been in shock when I found them sleeping on the couch the night before I found out I would have dragged HER by the hair and thrown her out of my house then grabbed her stuff and make her walk our 30km driveway to the nearest road and left her there … I of course would have followed in the car to give her a little nudge with the bullbar along the way…… Didn’t occur to me to hit him then. But her … stupid sleazy easy bitch.

    We take it out on the stupid sleazy easy bitches because it allows us to maintain some affection for our husbands….. at least that is what I’ve read.

    Are you ok?

    Best wishes to you … x

    1. im not sure if im okay. my elbow will heal, but the other injuries…. i hope i’m okay. “time is the only thing that can heal this type of fracture,” the doctor told me of my elbow. that is true of my other wounds as well, i think.

  3. I know .. I’m waiting. Time does heal … I know that from my friends murder – but it doesn’t take away the scars and it can harden the heart ……

  4. this all has definitely changed the core of me. some for the better. some for the worse. time will at least help the scars to fade. i’m sorry about your friend, my brother was killed in 2008 & that can still feel like a fresh wound at times.

  5. Oh my I’m so sorry 😦 😦 :(!! It is crazy that we’ve both injured ourselves at the same time though… and that kind of makes your injury better in my mind (bad Sarah, bad Sarah, don’t tell her that!)
    Anyhow, really sorry about your horrible boyfriend doing that- seriously you deserve so much better than that- and I think at least 32,976 kicks are allowed! You should get like some kind of trophy for only doing one!

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