slowly i creep…

i paneled two pages. inked the first layer of ink onto one. i did that two nights ago, while watching dexter. i didn’t get to work more on it yesterday as i was struggling to fight off a crippling case of zombie-ism. or flu season is starting early this year…. but i pumped my body full of immune boosting foods and slept a lot. so i can comic on!

physically i feel much better today. though i’ve been in a bit of a funk, feeling like a failure at most of life–relationships, parenting, being an artist & writer…so it came as a very pleasant surprise to find out that moses jones had received her first donation!! sarah over at problems with infinity–who has been very supportive of moses jones since our comics first crossed paths, donated to my efforts to continue! yay! it feels so awesome to accept that people like my comic enough to help me. it feels good. i feel good.

money brings to mind what i need to invest in to make a better comic & better art and to bring that comic and art to its audience. a new camera. i did a little research. in order to make prints of my work, i need either a better digital camera, a really kick-ass scanner/printer, and-or a good relationship with a print shop. money. also! i am just a few pages away from the end of episode two of moses jones, which means i will be making a second zine. plus, for zine fest, i will need to make more copies of episode one. money money.

i am hoping to get financial aid. i was late applying for it this year & even though school starts in less than 2 weeks, i still don’t know if i will be able to supplement rent & zines, much less pay for classes. i asked for a loan from one of my sisters. i’m using a credit card (i avoid using credit cards…but….)


i wish we lived in a society of trade. i have so many homemade things to trade. kimchi, chocolate chip cookies, life advice, hugs, drawings, an ear for listening, mead, elixer, entertaining stories, bread, blanket forts…. as it is, i am just giving these things away. stop by if you need any!

alas. money. stupid money.

so i have to either figure out a way to topple the monetary system (i am jack’s smirking revenge) or find a way to make my art into money….

either way, new pages soon! pages 36 & 37 are becoming ink on paper.


Author: emje

my shadows are part of who i am without those dark spots you wouldn’t be able to see my bright colors & beautiful light…. without my dark bits i think life would be much more dull.... i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

14 thoughts on “slowly i creep…”

  1. There are heaps of trade groups. LETS – local economic trading system ( ?? or without the dash .. not sure – google LETS community exchange) is worldwide. I’m a member here in my part of Australia and I can trade worldwide. I’d check it out if I were you. I know someone local offering printing services etc … lots of scope for trade! I hope you have a local group and it works for you 🙂

    I think the money system is going to topple on its own without your (or my) help 🙂


    🙂 I love it. The first time I traded it was so exciting. My skills/things traded for other peoples skills/things etc … I used to bulk buy organic dry food and sell some through the LETS network and buy fresh veg/fruit with the proceeds. Then I’d be growing my own organic produce and trading that. And kombucha, keffir, sauerkraut and other fermented foods …. and milk from my old jersey cow.
    We had a LETS christmas a few years ago where we could only give stuff we made or traded for. It was great 🙂 A lot more satisfying than a trip to the shops.
    We live a bit far away now … but maybe we can get a group running locally. Although I have to be in a better head space to put the effort into it. Maybe soon….
    Good luck finding one in your area 🙂

  3. thanks for all the information!!
    it appears as if there was a LETS group in Wisconsin at one time…however, the website & email are no longer working. i should start something. or, rather, i have tried to start groups…but i lack connections. i do belong to “peerby” and was able to lend someone a table & chairs this week. that felt pretty good. i will check out the link you sent me–as well as looking into the “buy nothing new” project that i once upon a time looked into. i am so so so for trading & making everything. due to the size of my family, especially, i am trying so hard to low-impact. i try to get my cohort & all family to not buy us anything new…but it is so hard to break bad habits in oneself, much less other people.
    thanks again for all the information!

      1. LOL probably!

        Do you have local markets? You could run a stall – your art, and some other low budget items you could make. I used to make chai tea mixes and buy nice bottles from op shops (charity shops?) or just washed and sterilise our used bottles and put tea and spices in it. Very cheap to make and if they taste nice people buy it. People love chai tea – particularly if you have a pot simmering away at the market stall as a taster and the smell draws people in. Kombucha is really popular too at markets!! (elderflower kombucha sold the best for me 🙂 ) You could put a little drawing on each bottle as advertising! Never know – they might become collectible 🙂
        I did this when we were travelling around Australia at local markets everywhere…. made enough to have some spending money 🙂 You could even do trading at a market stall – 1/2 $ and 1/2 barter credits …. that is how we are going to get it happening in our area when we start up a market stall again. When I find the energy to focus on it and not just the shit that went on …..

        I know what you mean about trying to have a light footprint with a big family. We have 4 young ones. We mostly shop at op shops, we buy bulk where we can with no packaging, we reuse/recycle/reclaim what we can. Our house cost us less than $500 to build with reused materials.
        Sometimes though it is hard…… and the current issues in our relationship make it difficult to have the enthusiasm ……
        Now just have to find the money to finish the off grid power system and our expenses will be very low.

        By the way – there are other trading networks around other than LETS … I don’t know them very well but there may be something in your area!

      2. we have lots of “farmer’s markets” in madison that i want to get in on. as far as selling food things i’ve made, i have to make them in a certified kitchen, etc. i need to take a class or look into all the details of doing this. most food things made & sold have strict laws around them. especially kimchi–i make a mean kimchi. maybe baked goods would be a less hoop-jumping route for selling made foods. one day i hope to have enough land to garden & produce other foods to sell at a farmer’s market.
        do you blog at all about your low-impact? i would love to hear about building your house & going off-grid, etc. that is what i hope to do one day…if only i could motivate my cohort or find a new cohort/community willing to do it with me! i will look into more trade communities here. i suspect our very corrupt system prefers to keep people buying rather than trading. the masses here are happily? oppressed by all their “stuff.”

  4. I think teas – which are simply dried goods are a different matter regarding commercial kitchen – which is why I did them (we have similar food laws in Australia). I wouldn’t sell fermented stuff like kimchi at the markets – but I would let people know i make it and they might buy it on the side. Maybe even have it as your “lunch” for people to taste 🙂 Sprouts are a superfood – and grow on the kitchen bench – they would be classed as fresh produce without the commercial kitchen requirements. People love them!! And they are so so easy! (we eat sprouts with every meal – I even put them in breakfast cereals or porridge).

    Yep our corrupt system does prefer money based economies…. but I have a feeling that will change very soon. Ex UK prime minister advisor tweeted a few days ago that a stock market collapse was coming soon …… something my husband and I have been looking into for a decade. It spurred our interest in low impact off grid living.

    I don’t blog on low impact living. Maybe I should 🙂 I just have to find enthusiasm again. I wanted to write a book about it once…….

    We found a very cheap block of land in the bush and we are slowly slowly developing it into a permaculture paradise. With no money it takes a long time, but it is doable and anyone can do it.
    Re gardening – you can do it anywhere – I grew a lot of food in containers on our veranda. I had a really small yard and grew 1/2 of our vegetables needs with enough to trade. We traded our huge supply of zucchini for other things locals were growing. There are gardening clubs everywhere and trade is huge amongst backyard farmers!

    Great permaculuture movie about backyard food production …. can’t remember the title but if you want I can look it up for you 🙂

    1. i hope you decide to write about it–let me know if you do! the last two summers we had no yard whatsoever. this summer we just finally moved in. it will be next summer before i see much vegetable production 😦 hopefully we will get it together & grow a bunch of veg & herb seedlings to sell next spring. that is something i keep telling the minions they can sell. i would also love to do bees & chickens in the backyard. i will have to charm my landlord. thanks for sharing all of your awesome experiences! you are very inspiring!

      1. that was the most descriptive I’ve been about something other than the fuckedup affair for a long time …. suddenly I saw value in my experiences again. Thank you!
        Maybe I should start writing that book … or start that blog.

  5. Do you have an Etsy shop or an online place to buy your artwork? I use Etsy. I don’t take part in the forums and stuff, nor do I expect Etsy to promote me. I bring my own clients from my blog. They’re usually there for something specific, not just to browse. The number of sales seen on my shop is not accurate since I will sell directly from PayPal to the customer. I’ve been selling online for a while. I refuse to get on forums because the people make me want to lose my religion.
    Your stuff is good. I could even see you selling hand written copies of your poetry in that beautiful ink you use.
    I don’t know the ink or brush you use. What is it?

    1. no–i will look into doing that–thanks! i use sumi ink & a Chinese brush. i am working on using color inks for different projects. your stuff is amazing. i am planning on buying your “let her fly” print. i just haven’t done it yet because it takes me forever to even finish a thought! but i just think it is so beautiful! there are so many projects i want to be doing! my latest art class will be a wonderful opportunity to try some new directions while still working on my graphic novel. so i am very excited about that.
      thank you so much for your encouragement! it means a lot especially having seen how fantastic your art s! 🙂

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