page 26…now with extra ink

wow.  from light to dark.  here is page 26 after i have done the second & third inking.  i love ink.  i’m still happy with this page. i think my doodling has helped improve my drawing.  i keep surprising myself with what i can draw.  i let a lot of imperfections show up in the ink.  i noticed that i did that with the very first incarnation of moses jones that i did for my art class  my style has definitely improved since then, but i also like some of the blotchy effect vs. the smooth.

zombies or cannibals

cute kids movies

i had to take a break from reading (“researching”) graphic novels.  there are so many out there!  so many awesome artists too.  i find that i do not like the glossy, color pages–graphic novels usually done by three or four different people.  the stories are good.  and the artwork is technically good.  however, it has no appeal to me.  i like the messier stuff with less pizzazz and more soul, preferably written & drawn by one person.  regardless, i found myself hiding away with my graphic novels and losing myself in their pages.  now i’m limiting myself to non-fiction–mostly food related–reading.  i’m more productive with my own art that way because it is much easier to set down a cookbook than it is to set down a graphic novel.  the past few nights i have been able to get my kids up to bed by 8 or 9, and then i am able to work a little bit before the baby wakes up & refuses to sleep alone.  that seems to be working for me.  i have pages and pages of moses jones written.  hopefully i can remain productive and get them drawn up.

tonight my nine year old requested that i start working on my “steampunk” comic.  he does not like zombies.  he cannot understand why i would want to write about them and draw them.  sometimes i don’t know why either.  sometimes i think i should try to bring prettier things into the world.  but then how would i exorcise my demons?


Author: emje

my shadows are part of who i am without those dark spots you wouldn’t be able to see my bright colors & beautiful light…. without my dark bits i think life would be much more dull.... i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

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