page 24

i need better lighting in my place.  or a studio to work in.  of course, i need an income before i can rent studio space….


here is page 24.  mj comforting/being comforted by her minions.  the shading is wacky.  i don’t pay attention to where the light is coming from…or background from panel to panel.  it’s probably going to bite me in the ass someday.  somebody is going to notice & draw attention to it.  however, with a limited readership of mostly people who know how tired i am—everyone has been forgiving?

i have trouble with my profiles of mj.  and since i skip penciling & go straight to ink—i have to cover my errors with more ink! 

i am really happy with the middle panel of misha dancing in front of her mama and pantomiming to ask if her mama is crying.  i think i kinda got it—which is better than i expected to do.

i’m not totally happy with the wording.  or the shading.

oh well.

on to the next page!


Author: emje

my shadows are part of who i am without those dark spots you wouldn’t be able to see my bright colors & beautiful light…. without my dark bits i think life would be much more dull.... i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

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