is this cheating?

just text today, folks.  i have been busy trying to do geography homework.  i will be doing art again as soon as possible.  however, i was able to combine homework & moses jones by writing my writer’s workshop weekly story about moses jones.  so i have a story line for some future pages as well as my homework assignment done, plus i posted this on my other blog where i post my fiction.  i think i just triple dipped….

                                                     Moses Jones Makes Some Kimchi

      Moses led her people into the forest. Her entourage consisted of her oldest son—eight year old Fidget, her second son—six year old Iggy, and her two year old daughter—Misha. Strapped to her back, next to her sheathed katana, rode the baby boy, Poppy. Bringing up the rear was a red heeler bitch named Wonder.

Fidgit swung the bat around by the very end, barely missing Iggy’s head.

“Fidg! Watch where you’re swinging that! And, for god’s sakes, choke up on it. You’ll never do any damage holding it like that.”

Fidgit chewed a long lock of his dirty blonde hair and plopped the bat lackadaisically onto his shoulder. “We’re not going to see any zombies,” he said with a pout. “They’re still hibernating.”

“Zombies don’t hibernate, stupid. You’re thinking of bears,” Iggy said. “Right, mama?”

“Your brother is not stupid, Ig. Besides, we should keep an eye out for both. Either one can be trouble. Also, remember why we are out here. We are looking for greens—dandelions, plantain, lamb’s quarters. Also roots. I’m not sure what’s up yet. It might be too early. But any wild carrots or horseradish…if it looks like it might be good, let me know. We can take it home and ask Lucy if it is edible. Remember, do not eat anything unless you check with me first…or Lucy.”

“I know what’s edible. Lucy taught me,” Iggy said as he shoved a handful of violets flowers into his mouth.

“Oh, right, violet greens! Perfect. Good find, Ig. Pick a bunch of those, you guys.”

“What about the flowers?” asked Iggy.

“Those too. We can do something special with them,” Moses told her son.

As a twig snapped, everyone froze. Wonder’s big, erect ears moved forward and backward, searching for sound. The boys watched Wonder as she watched the woods around them. Moses watched Misha, ready to swoop.

“Do you see anything, Fidg?” Moses quietly asked her color blind son, knowing his limited color vision was excellent for seeing the moldy zombie bodies camouflaged amid the brown underbrush and just budding brambles of small trees and bushes.

“No, Mama,” he whispered back to her.

Not until both Wonder and Misha visibly relaxed did the foraging party continue. Misha began to walk again, swinging her arms and singing nonsense words to herself. Wonder stayed close to Misha’s heels.

“What are we doing with all this, Mama?” asked Iggy. “If we’re not supposed to eat it, what are we doing with it?”

“We are going to eat it—eventually. I need to make sure it is all edible because I don’t know as well as Lucy does. I’m still learning. But the edible stuff we’re going to make into kimchi. That way it will keep for as long as we need it. We have cabbages coming up in the green house and we have apples going bad from last fall, and this is the perfect way to preserve the excess and salvage what’s going bad.”

“Ug, kimchi,” said Fidgit.

“You don’t have to eat it if you don’t like it—but you are going to learn how to make it.”

“What? You can’t force me to! I hate kimchi.”

“I can’t force you to…but I can give you a choice. You can learn to make kimchi or you can clear all of the sticks and fodder off of the spring garden and turn the soil to get it ready for planting.”

“Fine!” shouted Fidgit.

“Shhh!” his mother warned. “I know you are frustrated and want to get back to your books and drawings, but we do have to get some work done first. Please do not shout, you will attract a—“

Wonder’s furious bark blended with the high pitched shriek of Misha as the two sent up the alarm that never failed to cause Moses’s blood to run cold. The two noises alone could slow a zombie’s attack; together, they create a short-lived but effective force field which gave the family time to prepare.

Iggy and Misha became as small as they could become in the thick underbrush. Fidgit stood over them with the baseball bat. Wonder guarded the three children, hackles raised and never ceasing her ear splitting bark. Moses alone moved forward to greet the zombies, unsheathing her katana as she moved.

“Remember, zombies always travel in packs,” Moses recited quietly to herself as she always did, the words taught to her by the long dead man who gave her her sword.  “You have to separate the brain from the body. Decapitate the pack. Decapitate the pack. No stone unturned.”

Iggy used his little hand to cover his sister’s eyes as their mother went to work harvesting the zombies.


Author: emje

my shadows are part of who i am without those dark spots you wouldn’t be able to see my bright colors & beautiful light…. without my dark bits i think life would be much more dull.... i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

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