moses jones–page nine

moses jones--page nine

if you’re waiting for a zombie attack–it’s not that kind of zombie comic. i wrote this before, about my six year old self watching the 1976 king kong (in the theater) and realizing that plot development is crucial to make one really appreciate the action (or, sit through the “boring” parts–it’ll get hopping soon). i’m not sure moses jones will ever get as action packed as king kong and the other monster films of the ’70s that shaped my little freak self, but there will be some action…eventually. after all, mojo does carry katana. but i am also all about the dialogue & character development. yes, there will probably be a lot of flash backs. i love me some flash backs. so, sit tight…or wander off…we’ll be here when you get back.


Author: emje

i'm a disaster at every type of relationship i enter into...except with my kids. i think i'm doing something right there...but it is difficult to tell sometimes, especially since i have a pretty crappy support system since support involves relationships. i am a pretty dark person with a weird sense of humor. i spend my non-mom time cooking, baking, homesteading, fermenting, planting, sprouting, experimenting, reading, writing, drawing, plotting, obsessing, and hiding. as a mom i am about as unconventional as i can get. i unschool my kids & give them a lot of freedom to be who they are. this does not help my popularity. but my kids are super cool. i love my kids.

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