dear lady

dear lady

i have the layout painted & the text written…but i have not finished page eight yet. it’s been a rough few days with a cranky baby who does not want to let me sleep. so i’m pooped. i have text for at least 2 more pages, but i also have a bunch of geography homework. maybe i can do some drawing while listening to podcasts….

so here is my deer lady. she is interesting because the photograph i was using as a model was of this very flamboyant man, mustache & everything…& then i realized it was actually a lady. i left off her mustache when i drew her portrait. and added a deer hoof, of course.

what will i do when i run out of ready art and do not have new art? y’all want to see random doodles or mine? or i could start posting my kids’ artwork. there is NO shortage of art there….

i know i would prefer to be posting a new page every day, but alas–i am but human.


Author: emje

oh! i know who i am now i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

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