moses jones–page three

moses jones--page three

okay. page three. i’m going to try to show the story rather than tell the story. i mean, i know what is going on and could just narrate the fuck out of this…but i would rather bring this story to life. it’s going to be a challenge. i have an idea in my head–can i translate it to the page? i’ve always had trouble with that transition…from my head to the page. i hope i can do it. i really enjoy spending my spare moments thinking about the whys & hows of zombies…in the scope of a comic, that is.
so here is page three. hopefully leading up to some more characters and some more plot development. it may not come fast. i like posting something every day, but my every day can be quite challenging. i tried to do some ink painting while my toddler was awake today, & i had to keep moving my page as i painted on it because she was relentless in her pursuit of my paint brush. then the baby i was wearing on my chest woke up and things really got rough. so i leave my thinking to the daytime & my actual inking to the nighttime…which is also when i need to do my geography & writer’s workshop homework….
big sigh….
postings may be a bit sporadic as i try to get this party started….
stay tuned.


Author: emje

i'm a disaster at every type of relationship i enter into...except with my kids. i think i'm doing something right there...but it is difficult to tell sometimes, especially since i have a pretty crappy support system since support involves relationships. i am a pretty dark person with a weird sense of humor. i spend my non-mom time cooking, baking, homesteading, fermenting, planting, sprouting, experimenting, reading, writing, drawing, plotting, obsessing, and hiding. as a mom i am about as unconventional as i can get. i unschool my kids & give them a lot of freedom to be who they are. this does not help my popularity. but my kids are super cool. i love my kids.

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